Documentary film - 2024 release

Hatching Eagles

Story of the quickest ever rise to the Olympics, starting from scratch. Documentary feature film written and directed by Jukka Tallinen. Worldwide sales and distribution by Journeyman Pictures.

The national ski jumping team of China is trained in Finland, starting from scratch just three years before the Beijing Winter Olympics. In an unprecedented training project by legendary coach Mika Kojonkoski, young athletes strive to represent their country on the world stage. Training is tough, and the cold is biting, but relationships warm the heart. The team becomes a family, and the significance of joy ultimately becomes the most important factor in their development.Writer & Director: Jukka Tallinen
Production: Tallistudio in association with Avian Armada
Worldwide sales and distribution: Journeyman Pictures.
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Tallistudio Ltd. is a Finland-based film company founded in 2018 by documentary filmmaker Jukka Tallinen. Tallistudio recently finished the film "Hatching Eagles," which was acquired for worldwide distribution by Journeyman Pictures (UK). The film was released on Apple TV and will soon be available on other major streaming services. It had its festival premiere at the 2024 International Sports Film Festival Slovenia, where it was selected as a finalist.Tallistudio is currently developing and producing new projects. Among many others, the company has produced commissioned works for clients such as Asics, Nokia, and the United Nations.Contact:

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