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From Lapland to Indonesia, we have succesfully solved storytelling challenges for clients of all shapes and sizes.

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With over 300 productions under our belt we are always happy to bring new stories to life. Authentic, engaging and beautiful.

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Storytelling through films is in our core but we also look for new ways to create immersive experiences with technologies like AR.

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Hurtta develops products for active dogs yearning to get off the beaten track and explore the outdoors all year round, no matter what the weather. During the past five years we have created many films for Hurtta from concept to delivery that all share a common theme - awesome time outdoors. Productions in Isle of Skye Scotland, Dolomites Italy and Finland.


Falcon Boats are high-quality, multi-purpose beauties, manufactured in Finland to withstand even the toughest conditions. Staying authentic to the theme, we ventured into the cold Finnish lakeland late in the fall together with Jam Jam Brand Agency for creation of the Falcon product launch film. See the film.


Hurma is a modern, experience based restaurant with an ethnic twist located under the historical Kuopio Market Hall. With client (S-Group) giving us 'Carte Blanche' in creative freedom we helped them communicate a simple but essential message of having a good time across many media platforms from television to web and social media to digital city billboards.


Savo’s Song is a new version of Finland’s first regional anthem ’Savolaisen laulu’ (1852). Savo’s Song is part of Finland’s 100 years of independence celebration. We created the music video by commission from Regional Councils of Northern and South Savo, and thoroughly enjoyed the complete artistic freedom we were given to create this Savonian narrative. See the video.



Story of strengthening community life and helping the integration of immigrants into the Finnish society. Catch the Ball (Pallo Haltuun) project approaches football through immigration, design, crafts, culture and social and behavioral sciences. Much love went into this film we were trusted to create by Kuopio Academy of Design. Watch the documentary film.


Lumoava jewelry is the epitome of Finnish design and jewellery making. Work includes several nationwide tv-commercials, designer mini-documentaries and branded content. Collaboration with agency Ad Kiivi. Examples below.


WellO2 is a wellness device for better breathing. For the international product launch we were presented with the challenge of creating a story that speaks to various audiences about 'breathing better'. A great example of multi-channel publishing from in-store use in pharmacies to national tv-campaigns, digital marketplaces like Amazon to exhibitions and social media.


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